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Sorry but I have to agree with lionheart on this one
Douglas1994 (13 days ago)
jobloggs2008 thank you we really appreciate and you will get Britney guys in full sex also...
VRConk (28.07.2019)
This is THE best BJ scene in VR to date, thankyou VRConk/SLR! One of the best blowjob queens, dressed as a nurse holy cow. How anyone doesnt shoot their load way before the money shot i do not know...i'd like to have scene her ass while jerking/sucking but hey ho....as for the scaling issue, i like to be closer to the action with these kind of scenes
jobloggs2008 (28.07.2019)
Lionheart321 its not a scalling issue,its a setting for BJ only because most people like it,its a matter of taste.We exactly know what we do :)
VRConk (28.07.2019)
Why the hell do most of the BJ videos from VRConk have scale issues? We are in 2019 and yet these guys still haven't figured out how to scale their videos right. It's not that hard, guys, my head should NOT be where my stomach is. In this video, the beginning is scaled correctly but half way through, the camera zooms into the dude's dick and it's completely unwatchable. Do it right or don't do it at all!
Lionheart321 (28.07.2019)
That's like, your opinion man.
LlamaWhips (28.07.2019)
Talk about wasting a hot chick. Drags on and on. Boring.
lknanml (28.07.2019)
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