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VRConk please change the way you film BJ scenes, it's a real shame, otherwise I would've been a member
Douglas1994 (13 days ago)
Guys this is not scaling issue and bad camera placement but the way we film BJ,xghoulx you are right that was an issue with what you said but it has been corrected already.
VRConk (28.07.2019)
Aside from the scaling issues and bad camera placement has anyone else noticed with the past few releases the models will be in focus but the background items (lamps, couches etc.) have major double vision! I don't even know on a technical level how you mess something like that up.
xghoulx (25.07.2019)
It's 2019 and you guys still cant figure out your scaling issues? Its simple, my eyes are not next to some dude's dick, stop placing the camera on the dude's stomach
Lionheart321 (15.07.2019)
And for almost 28 minutes of time, why some not some sex??? Hot ass Khloe and no sex!!!! Can suck cock for 10 minutes and still give the scene the same name with 18 or 20 minutes of sex in it
kurtis316 (13.07.2019)
Yikes, you've somehow managed to make her look the size of a house... scaling issues, unwatchable !
hallucinogenix (13.07.2019)
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