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Lollipop Girl

by VirtualTaboo


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180° 60 FPS
Studio: VirtualTaboo
Starring: Lady Bug
Mar 7, 2018
Positions: sitting
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In yet another case of getting horny by association, desirable petite looker by the name of Lady Bug had only herself, and her tasty lollipop to blame. As it pans out, this lovely young girl was minding her own business and sucking on her lollipop when her brain decided to implant an image of her sucking a dick instead of candy. Lady felt the floodgates between her legs open immediately and her pussy moisten in a matter of milliseconds. Laying down on her back, this lass touched her nether regions and felt the intense heat there, which, in turn, made her hornier. Slowly getting up on her knees, this green-eyed bombshell suckled some more on that candy before starting to slowly peel off her panties, uncovering both her buttocks and her hairy beaver in the process. Next, this adorable vixen lifted up her shirt and revealed her tiny tits before using the sticky lollipop on her protruding nipples. Before you knew it, her shirt was off and she was stimulating her nipples with the candy while delicately rubbing her clit. As she felt the heat rising up in her body, this sweet filly decided to actually use the lollipop in order to finish herself off. And, indeed, coating her pussy lips with the mixture of her saliva and candy juice, stunning Lady then pressed the lollipop against her clit and started rubbing it. Because of the slickness of the candy which made it skid around, the orgasm that hit her tight body was so hard she simply had to scream at the top of her lungs.

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