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European Vacation XXX

by VRConk


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European Vacation XXX

180° 120 FPS
Studio: VRConk
Starring: Amirah Adara
Sep 28, 2019
Positions: leaning, staying
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I agree with BobbyBadass
Douglas1994 (14 days ago)
@BobbyBadass  @Aerowen e made closer bj because of our customers feedback,its a matter of taste,you can like big tits and other guy like small tits ,one man love lord of the rings for other its a bullshit but ok we will make questionnaire on reddit about that,will be ok for you?
VRConk (11.10.2019)
@BobbyBadass  I sugest you to stop insulting us in comments,write normal comments so i will start to treat you like a customer cause now you are just agresive hater for me.I assume when you go to Burger King you also telling them how to make burgers.I explained to you once and i suggest you to go and give advices to people who made new Joker cause i bet you will do it better.
VRConk (11.10.2019)
@VRConk  I do wonder where those "most people like x" statements are based on, is there just a vocal minority demanding shots like these? It's not just VRConk but also other studios that respond to feedback by saying "well most people want this", who are those people?! It's not just the bellybutton-pov but also stuff like extreme kissing close-ups that make your eyes go cross-eyed for example, I just don't understand how that's even watchable. I have yet to see comments on VR scenes where people are seriously asking for that. Maybe it's time someone did an in-depth unbiased questionnaire about things like this now that 5K/6K VR porn is good enough not to need weirdly positioned close-ups to find out what people actually want (be sure to ask used devices so answers can be sorted by headset quality, I wonder if it's simply people using shitty sub-4k/mobile devices who want close-up positions to see better).
Aerowen (11.10.2019)
I suggest you channel that energy into integrating customers' feedback instead of taking things personally.
BobbyBadass (11.10.2019)
@BobbyBadass  Yes on my way,how many movies you made to give us advices?We shoot blow jobs this way cause most people like it not that we dont know how to do angles and if you are giving us advices how to film or telling me czechvr has perfect angles than better go eat snickers :D Really man this is your next comment about this im really sick and tired of you.
VRConk (10.10.2019)
Another otherwise hot scene ruined by bad camera angle. Why do I have a dude's dick sticking out of my CHIN? VR studios have had 3 years to sort out these problems. All you have to do is look at anything by WankzVR or CzechVR to figure out how to do angles properly. Unforgivable.
BobbyBadass (07.10.2019)
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